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Wood Floor Patterns

Traditional wood floor planks aren’t always the final option for your residential or commercial interior space. There are numerous options that can make a statement, such as Herringbone Blocks, Chevron Pattern, Versailles Parquet Panels and intricate weaves to name but a few. We offer a full range of hardwood flooring patterns for you to choose from.

Mixed Width Plank

Random Width Wood Flooring l Fórte Flooring

Mixed Width: Mixed width pattern involves using planks of varying widths within the same flooring installation. This adds visual interest and a sense of depth to the floor, mimicking the look of traditional hardwood floors found in older homes. Mixed width planks offer a more rustic and eclectic charm, perfect for adding character to both residential and commercial spaces.

Fixed Width Random

Wide Plank Flooring l Engineered Wide Oak Plank Flooring l Forté Flooring

Fixed Width: In this pattern, all the planks have the same width, creating a uniform and consistent look across the floor. Fixed width planks are often preferred for their simplicity and clean lines, making them suitable for modern and contemporary spaces.

Fixed Strip Pattern Layout

Narrow Width Wood Flooring Plank l Engineered/Solid Wooden Floor Pattern l Forté Flooring

Narrow Width Boards: Narrow width boards are characterized by their slim profile, typically ranging from 2 to 4 inches in width. This pattern is popular for creating a sense of continuity and elongation in smaller rooms or narrow spaces. Narrow width boards can visually expand the space and create a sense of flow, making them an excellent choice for hallways, entryways, or smaller rooms.


Chevron Pattern Wood Floors l Engineered Wood Floors Dublin l Fórte Flooring Ireland


Herringbone-Design-layout l Fórte Flooring Ireland.

Versailles Full Room

versailles-parquet-pattern-room Fórte Flooring

Bespoke Designs

bespoke-parquet-design-Patterns_Fórte Flooring

Versailles Bespoke Panels

Bespoke_Versailles_Panels- Fórte Flooring
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