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Solid Wood Flooring. European Oak Flooring In Kitchen Area.

Solid European Oak Flooring

Available in Herringbone, Chevron, Plank & Versailles Patterns

Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Manoir Collection

Introducing the Manoir Range by Forté Flooring

The Manoir range features exquisite French oak floorboards, expertly aged and distressed with chipped edges to emulate the authentic charm of timeworn wood. This meticulous process replicates marks traditionally achieved through years of wear and tear, creating the appearance and feel of a much older material. The unique shade variations between planks, along with distinctive color accents and discoloration around the knots, give each board a character all its own. Enhance your home with the timeless beauty and unique charm of the Manoir range, where every plank tells its own story.

Manoir Range

All the Vintage collection are available in either solid or engineered French Oak make up. Each color is available in various size boards across many patterns including plank, chevron and herringbone as well as Versailles tiles

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Exclusive to Fórte Flooring in Ireland.

Campagne Range

Campagne Range

Introducing the Campagne Collection by Forté Flooring

The Campagne Collection features exquisite French oak floorboards, authentically and heavily wire-brushed to perfection. Utilizing a unique method, these floorboards replicate the appearance of wood that has gracefully stood the test of time, featuring an undulated surface with deep marks and rounded edges. The veins of the oak, a hard and noble wood, are artfully highlighted, providing an authentic, curved pattern that exudes luxury. Each board in the Campagne Collection offers unparalleled charm and sophistication, transforming any space with its timeless elegance and rich character.

Résidence Collection

Résidence Range

Arbony Retro Collection

The Résidence Range offers a contemporary style of hardwood flooring achieved through very light brushing. This technique gives the planks a planed, consistent, and modern finish while preserving the authentic colors of the wood. Perfect for those seeking a sleek, modern aesthetic, the Résidence Range combines elegance with authenticity, ensuring a sophisticated look that enhances any interior space. Transform your home with the refined, contemporary charm of the Résidence Range by Forté Flooring.