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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Ireland. Product Ivory Plank. Nature Collection

Discover our Ivory-European Oak Plank, a natural-colored hardwood flooring crafted from high-quality European oak. Available in rustic grading and two widths of 15/4mm, it adds character and charm to any space. Its sturdy construction guarantees durability, making it a timeless investment for homes or commercial areas. Elevate your space with the enduring beauty of our Ivory-European Oak Plank.

Ivory Plank- Nature Collection

  • Nature Collection- Ivory

    Product Type: Engineered Plank - Solid Birch Ply Core
    Suitable for: Flooring, walls, ceilings, and more
    Ideal for: Residential & Commercial Projects
    Underfloor Heating: Compatible with hydronic type (please inquire for other compatibility)

    Dimensions & Construction

    • Wear Layer: 4mm Solid European Oak
    • Thickness: 15mm
    • Width Options: 190mm, 220mm
    • Length Range: 1900mm - 2450mm
    • Re-sanding Capability: 2-3 times
    • Core: Cross-directional plywood


    • Wood Species: European Oak
    • Available Wood Grades: Country
    • Surface Texture: Hand Planed
    • Finish Status: Pre-finished
    • Finish Type: Lacquered UV Oil
    • Edge Style: Beveled 


    • Installation Method: Glue down
    • Suitable Substrates: Timber or concrete
    • Joint Profile: Tongue & groove
  • Regular Cleaning Routine (Weekly Maintenance Guide)


    Step 1: Eliminate Debris and Dust Utilize a vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft bristle head to effectively remove sand, dust, and any other debris from the floor surface. To safeguard the lacquer finish, ensure the vacuum's wheels are clean and move smoothly without causing any damage.

    Step 2: Meticulous Cleaning with Careful Products Use a microfiber mop along with Osmo wash and care solution for thorough cleaning. Alternatively, opt for the Kärcher FC5 Floor Cleaner for optimal results.


    Our Recommendations:

    • Prioritize regular sweeping, anti-static mopping, or vacuuming to maintain floor cleanliness.
    • Exclusively rely on Osmo cleaning products as alternatives may yield inferior outcomes or leave detrimental residue.
    • Use a dry to damp mop or cloth for cleaning purposes. Wet or steam mops are not recommended for timber flooring.
    • Avoid excessive wetting of the floor. The surface should dry within 2-3 minutes post-cleaning.
    • Periodically detach the microfiber pad from your mop and clean it to ensure effective dirt removal.

    Note: Following these recommended cleaning procedures will contribute to a well-maintained and enduring floor surface.


    Preserving Longevity: Deep Cleaning Protocol(2-5 years)

    Ensuring the longevity of your wood floors involves a vital step: deep cleaning every 2-4 years. This proactive measure removes residual dirt, grime, and scuff marks that routine cleaning might overlook, preserving the enduring beauty of your flooring even after years of use.


    Why Deep Cleaning Matters:

    • Thorough Removal: Eliminates deep-seated dirt and scuff marks, maintaining the floor's aesthetic appeal.
    • Enhanced Appearance: Restores the floor's original allure, renewing its overall appearance.


    Our Recommendation: Professional Deep Clean We advocate for a professional deep cleaning session using either a Bona® or Kärcher Wood Floor Scrubber. These specialized tools ensure a meticulous and effective cleaning process.

    For sustained floor excellence, trust a professional to conduct a deep clean at the recommended intervals.

    Note: Regular deep cleaning, carried out by a professional using industry-leading equipment, is key to sustaining the timeless beauty of your floors for a lifetime.


    Sanding and Recoating- Restoring Your Wood Floor's Elegance (Recommended Every 6-10 Years)

    Is your wood floor exhibiting discoloration, deep scratches, or a lackluster appearance? It might be the opportune moment for a comprehensive sand and recoat procedure. We highly recommend enlisting the expertise of a professional to meticulously sand your floor back to its bare wood foundation. This process is pivotal in reviving your floors to their original splendor.


    The Restoration Process:

    Professional Sanding: Entrust a professional to expertly sand your floor, preparing it for refinishing.


    Refinishing Options:

    • Colour Stain Application: Implementing 2 coats of Osmo Hardwax Oil rolled on for a personalized color tone.
    • Natural Finish: Apply 3 coats of Osmo Hardwax Oil for a natural, enduring aesthetic.


    For further guidance and to connect with recommended specialists in your area, reach out to our dedicated aftercare team at

    Note: Engaging in this sand and recoat process will breathe new life into your floor, ensuring a refreshed appearance and prolonged durability for years to come.

All our hardwood flooring is made to order and lead times are between 3 and 7 weeks.
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