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Herringbone Wood Flooring, Luxury Irish Home With Engineered Herringobne Wood FLooring Throughout. Dark Brown Coloured Oak Herringbone, Living Area, Rich Coloured Herringbone Flooring. Best Herringbone Flooring.

Herringbone Wood Floors

Beautiful patterns that nod to history, parquet at Forte Flooring is available in Herringbone and Chevron designs. It can be used to enhance a wide variety of spaces and is always a timeless solution. The pre-finished boards are made from our French and European oak and come ready for immediate installation.

Herringbone Wood Flooring

Parquet Wood Flooring

"Parquet wood flooring embodies a multitude of captivating designs, each showcasing exceptional aesthetics and design prowess. These patterns, formed by skillfully arranged wooden blocks, create visually striking motifs that elevate any space.


Prominent among these designs are the timeless herringbone and chevron layouts. Their symmetrical arrangements offer depth and sophistication, becoming hallmark choices for adding unique charm to interiors.


Beyond these classics, parquet’s allure extends to intricate panel designs like the iconic Versailles panels and our exclusive circular creations. These aren’t just floors; they're statement artworks, infusing spaces with unparalleled elegance and character.

What truly distinguishes parquet designs is their timelessness. These patterns and panels exude an ageless beauty, making them enduring choices for spaces seeking sophistication that transcends trends.


At Forté Flooring, explore our exquisite selection of parquet wood flooring designs. Discover how these iconic patterns and intricate panels can transform your space into a timeless work of art."

Discover Our Exquisite Parquet Wood Flooring Collection
At Forté Flooring, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of parquet wood flooring options designed to elevate your space with unparalleled elegance and luxury. Our diverse selection includes:
Solid Parquet Flooring:

  • Explore the timeless allure of Versailles tiles crafted in solid oak, adding sophistication and grandeur to your interiors.

Engineered Parquet Flooring:

  • 15mm Thickness: Delve into the charm of reclaimed-style engineered chevron, combining heritage aesthetics with modern precision.

  • 20mm Thickness: Experience luxury redefined with our 20mm engineered parquet, designed for enduring style and durability.


  • Modern Style: Immerse yourself in contemporary sophistication with our precision-machined herringbone patterns, reflecting modern elegance at its finest.


  • Discover the timeless appeal of chevron patterns, available in new and reclaimed styles, offering a perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

Versatile Designs:

  • Basket Weave: Embrace intricate designs with our basket weave patterns, adding texture and depth to your flooring.

  • Mansion Weave: Indulge in the opulence of mansion weave patterns, exuding luxury and sophistication in every detail.

Our parquet wood flooring range presents a fusion of craftsmanship, style, and versatility, allowing you to create bespoke interiors that exude luxury and refinement. Explore our selection and bring timeless elegance into your space with Forté Flooring.

Herringbone Wood Flooring
The Herringbone pattern is often confused with chevron, but herringbone is created by placing rectangles in a staggered zigzag pattern, as shown , it is commonly found in tilework and parquet floors. For herringbone floors, the wood is not cut at an angle, but in rectangles that are laid in a broken zigzag pattern.  If you look closely, to the right, you can see that the pieces of flooring here do not come to a sharp point, as in the chevron floor seen above.
Herringbone Wood Flooring l What is Herringbone Wood Flooring l The Herringbone Wood Flooring Pattern Explained.
Chevron Parquet
This is a zigzag pattern that comes to a sharp point; imagine the letter “V” on repeat.  A chevron pattern may be worked into knitwear, printed on fabric,  painted on surfaces, or for wood flooring designs.
For chevron floors, the wood pieces are cut at an angle and fitted together to form a true point, as seen here on the left.
This angle is what identifies chevron floors — herringbone  floors, as you have seen explained above, are not cut at an angle.
Chevron Parquet Wood Flooring Ireland l Fórte Flooring
Herringbone Wood Floors l Forté Flooring

Classic Engineered Herringbone flooring installed throughout this kitchen/living area

Herringbone Floor Fitters, New build house with engineered herringbone flooring throughout the whole house. Large luxury home with engineered herringobne wood flooring.

Elegant Engineered Herringbone flooring installed throughout this new build living area.

Herringbone Wood Flooring With Brass Border l Forté Flooring l Herringbone Floors With Borders. Heeringbone Floor Fitters Ireland.

Recommended Installation Methods

1. Glued Down (Engineered & Solid Flooring)

All Engineered Herringbone Wooden Floors can be bonded to any dry, level and solid subfloor such as concrete screed or wooden materials.

A glued-down wooden floor enhances the feel and sound of solid wood. A glued-down floor is a good solution for large, open areas, where footsteps and drumming noise needs to be minimised.

Our glue down system is one of the best ways to install engineered herringbone flooring and is suitable for both residential and commercial floors.  As we at Right Way Carpentry & Flooring pride ourselves on the quality of our finished work, we always prime and seal all concrete subfloors before starting the installation. This is included in your price per Sqm and means your floor is sealed from any dampness below and creates a good adhesion for the glue to bond to. 

2. Secret Nailed (Engineered & Solid Flooring)

This method of installation is primarily used for traditional timber floors. It is designed to keep solid boards in place. Plywood sheets would first be laid and then floorboards are nailed down to this individually from the side of the board, so no nails or holes are visible from the surface of the floor.

This is a far more costly installation method because of the plywood, but is used commonly to

a) protect the timber from moisture in the concrete,

b) to help hold down thinner floorboards from buckling and

c) overcome any undulations in the concrete. 

3. Floating (Engineered & Laminate Flooring)

You must only float engineered hardwood flooring over an underlay.  Solid wood flooring is not structurally stable enough to be floated, so it must be fixed into position.  Engineered wooden flooring has been designed and constructed in such as way that it has added dimensional strength and stability from the base layers.  This means that it can withstand the added pressure of floating (natural movement).

You will also need to think about the type of underlay that you want to use.  There are different types available depending upon your requirements.  You might want a thermal barrier or a sound reducing underlay.  If you are using underfloor heating then you will need a special low tog underlay to allow the correct transfer of heat through to your floor. Although floating an engineered floor is an acceptable way of installation, it is not something that we recommend as the life of the floor will be shorten greatly.

Herringbone Flooring Ireland l Natural White Oil Herringbone Flooring Sample, Parquet Wood Floors Ireland.
Herringbone Floors l Natural Oak l Forté Flooring
Herringbone Wood Floors l Solid Oak Tumbler l Forté Flooring
Herringbone Floors Dublin l Smoked Oak Flooring Sample Pic l Forté Flooring
Solid Herringbone Flooring l Lightly smoked
Lightly Smoked Herringbone Parquet l wooden flooring
Engineered Herringbone Flooring Ireland-Fórte Flooring, Oak
Engineered Herringbone Flooring Ireland-Fórte Flooring, Oak
Engineered Herringbone Flooring Ireland-Fórte Flooring, Oak
Engineered Herringbone Flooring Ireland-Fórte Flooring, Oak
Parquet Wood Flooring Ireland. Reclaimed Herringbone Wood Flooring.
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