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Luxury Apartment Fitout-Brass Inlays Herringbone
Herringbone floor with brass border inlay with matching plank

Step into luxury at The Penthouse, a stunning residence within a meticulously renovated period property, where Forté Flooring has curated an unparalleled ambiance. The dark brown hardwood floors, expertly installed by Forté, exude sophistication, grounding each space with a rich and timeless allure.

The flooring's intricate brass border inlay serves as a captivating design element, seamlessly merging classic aesthetics with modern luxury. Every step on these meticulously crafted floors echoes the legacy of superior craftsmanship, creating an atmosphere of opulence throughout the entire apartment.

As you navigate through the spacious rooms and chic living areas, the dark brown hues radiate warmth, complementing the apartment's high-end finishes. Forté Flooring's commitment to quality is evident in every plank, ensuring not just a floor but a statement piece that elevates the entire living experience.

Indulge in the seamless blend of tradition and contemporary elegance at The Penthouse, where Forté Flooring has set the stage for a lifestyle of refined luxury and timeless sophistication.

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