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Ailesbury Rd, D4 Refurbishment. 
Engineered Plank & Herringbone Flooring.

Moving through the house, the transition to plank wood flooring seamlessly connects the different rooms. The deep, luxurious hue of the planks harmonizes with the herringbone pattern, creating a cohesive flow throughout the space. The wood's warm undertones complement the elaborate moldings, ornate fixtures, and intricate woodwork typical of Victorian architecture.

In the grand living areas, the dark wood flooring serves as a foundation for opulent rugs, vintage furniture, and majestic fireplaces, enhancing the sense of grandeur. The wood's natural texture and grain add a touch of authenticity, inviting you to run your fingers across its surface.

The marriage of the herringbone pattern and plank flooring respects the historical roots of the Victorian style while infusing it with a touch of contemporary elegance. This combination creates a backdrop for intricate, period-inspired furnishings and decor, showcasing a perfect harmony between old-world charm and modern luxury in the renovated Victorian home.

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